Weid Healing

About the website title

Once in the state of dual consciousness (slightly differs from the altered state of consciousness) I vividly saw words "Honor and Weid" as if hanging in the mid air.

I’ve never come across the word “weid “ before and it was difficult to find it in dictionaries. But some scholars’ research papers mentioned that word “veda” which signifies "wisdom"or "knowledge" or in general – “sacred knowledge, holy learning” - was derived from the root vid-, Sanskrit for "to know".

This is in turn reconstructed being derived from the Proto-Indo-European root "weid-", meaning "see" or "know".

For those who are interested in subtle energy I wish my website and workshops will show a path for achieving wisdom and knowledgewhich, without any doubt, will change your life for better and will improve your health, relations and business.

My client’s comment:
“The combination of “honor and wisdom” is hard to beat!  It definitely makes sense.  To go back to the origins of the word veda à ueid à weid, you must have tapped into something ancient!”


Mikhail Dekhta provides an exclusive and highly effective healing service for preventive health as well as for the definitive correction of somatic disorders.

This particular technique of Subtle Body or Intentional Healing, was originated in Russia, as a potent fusion of ancient healing practices and knowledge with quantum physics creating the new knowledge.

Mikhail Dekhta has spearheaded the subtle body healing practice and technique in the United States for an exclusive clientele. He founded the Institute for Intentional Healing Research.

The Subtle Body healer focuses on the subtle bodies which are connected to and in constant dialogue with the physical body.

This technique of healing can be applied to regenerate tissue, correct alignment, help re-grow bone, accelerate healing in injuries and surgeries, preventing an overgrowth of scar tissue. It can heal disease. Subtle Body Healing is very powerful when used preventively to strengthen and increase potential in the organism physically, emotionally and mentally.